JAMIE (prettyradio) wrote in predictable_x,

1.Name: Jamie
2.Age: 13
3.Why do you think you should be able to join this community?: I love Good Charlotte with all my heart ever since I've discovered them. I always have, I always will.
4.Why do you like GC?: They are different and unique. They aren't afraid of the media and do what they wantwhen they want. Which is one of the things I love about Good Charlotte.
5.Besides GC what are 5 of your other favorite bands?: Fall Out Boy, Relient K, Mest, Coldplay, & Foo Fighters
6.What is your favorite GC song?: Seasons
7.Have you been to any of their concerts?: Yes. It was in Michigan & it ROCKED! Also, beforehand I was lucky enough to meet them at an exclusive "Meet & Greet" where I got pics and autographs.
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