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1.Name: Reema
2.Age: 15
3.Why do you think you should be able to join this community?: Because I love good charlotte with my whole heart.
4.Why do you like GC?: the music & lyrics
5.Besides GC what are 5 of your other favorite bands?: allister, mest, my chemical romance, brand new and blink 182
6.What is your favorite GC song?: i don't have just one so waldorf worldwide, story of my life (i always wonder why they didn't put this on the young and the hopeless cd, its such a great song), moving on and ghost of you.
7.Have you been to any of their concerts?: yes, 3 times. It's been over a year since i've seen them though, because they haven't come to florida in a longgggg time. no warped, no chronicles tour, no christmas show. it sucks. i hope they come back soon.

thanks for reading and i hope everyone has a good thanksgiving! ♥
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