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Im new. Love meee! Sorry if i did this wrong, Ive never posted one of these before :P

1.Name: Elle
2.Age: 13
3.Why do you think you should be able to join this community?: I <3 GC. my room is like a shrine (covered with posters) and yeah, they rock.
4.Why do you like GC?: They write their own music, the songs are great, the lyrics are meaningful and touch me
5.Besides GC what are 5 of your other favorite bands?: Blink 182, Greenday, Black eyed peas, Linkin park, Evanescence and Christina Aguilera (okay, shes not a band..xD)
6.What is your favorite GC song?: Chronicles of life and death, hold on, the world is black, predictable, emotionless, riot girl, theyre all cool :)
7.Have you been to any of their concerts?: None as yet
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