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New member.. =)

1.Name: Vikki
2.Age: 16
3.Why do you think you should be able to join this community?: I love Good Charlotte. Them and everything about them, The way they make their music, The way they are, Their personalities and just how real they are.. ♥
4.Why do you like GC?: They are not fake. They are true to their fans. Their music is amazing. The lyrics are beautiful. They are just amazing ♥
5.Besides GC what are 5 of your other favorite bands?: New found Glory. Mest. Rancid. Green Day. Nirvana.
6.What is your favorite GC song?: At the moment Say anything, The truth and Emotionless.
7.Have you been to any of their concerts?: Yes. 24th September 2004. Carling academy. Islington, London. BEST day of my life EVER. I have pictures if you want me to post them? I met them after aswell ♥♥♥ And i got hugs and pictures and autographs. I love them!
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